Truck Drivers Be Warned: Winter Is Coming

There are obviously many ways in which goods get transported across the United States. But when most people think of how these goods get to their local retailers, there is one form of transportation that stands out as the leader: large commercial vehicles, also referred to as semi trucks.

In the United States, according to Select USA, commercial trucking accounts for a major part of all domestic freight transportation. In 2012 alone, trucks were responsible for moving a little less than 69 percent of all freight tonnage in the United States. But with perhaps hundreds of thousands of trucks crisscrossing the nation every day, there is one thing drivers need to remember: winter is coming to Maryland.

Snow falls in a number of states across the nation, turning easily traversable roads into slippery avenues that can easily lead to serious or fatal accidents. In Maryland, the risk of an accident due to icy or snowy conditions is all too real and should be something truck drivers need to take into consideration if they want to avoid a serious wreck in our state.

On top of the risk of an accident, truck drivers traveling in Maryland need to also consider the fact that they could be held liable for causing a crash. Even if they do not reside in Maryland, a lawsuit for compensation may still be filed against them or their employer for negligent operation of a vehicle during inclement weather.

Seeking legal help in these situations may be necessary, especially if a truck driver disagrees with the assertion of negligence or if the amount of compensation does not seem reasonable.