Be Thankful for Seat Belt Laws in Maryland This Holiday

Certain traffic laws vary from state to state. An example of differing laws is seat belt laws. Who is and is not required to wear a seat belt in the state of Maryland? Do you know?

Chances are, if you are usually the driver of a vehicle, that it is second nature for you to get into the driver’s seat, buckle up and be on your way. But what about when you are the passenger? And what about when you are the passenger in the backseat of a vehicle?

Whether you wear a seat belt could significantly impact whether you survive a motor vehicle accident — no matter where in a vehicle you are sitting.

Understanding Seat Belt Laws in Maryland

The state of Maryland has some of the strictest seat belt laws in the country. All people in a vehicle are required by law to wear seat belts. The exception to that rule, however, is when someone is riding in a vehicle for-hire, such as a taxi.

Accident and injury reports show backseat passengers are less likely to wear seat belts. To prevent severe injury and death, all passengers in a vehicle are urged to buckle up.

The National Safety Council puts it simply and effectively: this Thanksgiving holiday, more than 400 people will die on the roads. That number could be greatly reduced if everyone in every vehicle wears their seat belts.

Injured While Not Wearing a Seat Belt? You Have Rights.

While safety belts are an important, simple way to try to stay safe while on the roads, we understand that some accidents just should never happen at all. Someone who is injured in a car crash and wasn’t wearing a seat belt still has rights and can still be a victim of another driver’s negligent actions. A personal injury attorney in your state can explain your rights and legal options following an accident.