Multiple Injuries in Baltimore Auto Accident

A March 15 car wreck in Baltimore left three parties injured in the early morning hours. The incident took place at approximately 1:35 a.m. as an individual driving an SUV ran a red light at the intersection of West Fayette Street and Paca Street. The SUV came to rest on top of a vehicle that was parked nearby after being hit by a northbound vehicle that was driving on Paca Street. The impact caused the SUV to become airborne, which contributed to its final resting spot.

Authorities indicated that three individuals were trapped because of the incident. They were removed from the wreckage by 1:50 a.m. and are expected to survive. The owner of one of the parked vehicles in the area was contacted and came to the scene. She indicated that this was where she typically parked because of the spot’s location near her student residence. Her vehicle was totaled in the incident, but her primary concern was the welfare of the people involved. Meanwhile, authorities did not immediately indicate responsibility or charges at issue in the accident.

A driver might run a red light for a variety of reasons, including issues such as inebriation, drug use, recklessness or texting while driving. An official investigation might be helpful in honing in on the activities at play during a crash, and passengers in the involved vehicles might provide information that could help as formal charges are considered.

A serious accident might leave an injured party dealing with unexpected medical costs and financial burdens related to the replacement of damaged property. A personal injury lawsuit could be filed with the assistance of an attorney against the negligent motorist seeking to recover compensation for these and other losses.