With Students Returning to School, a Lesson in Traffic Concerns

Even now as adults, we can all probably remember the butterflies in our stomachs once fall rolled around and school was in the air. Back-to-school shopping, outfit selecting and class schedule comparing are all basically seasonal events.

No matter if a student is happy about the return of the school year or disappointed that summer is over, all students and everyone on the roads share something in common once the school year begins. We all have to worry about preventing motor vehicle accidents from tainting this time of year.

When the school year begins again there are more drivers on Maryland roads:

  • Older students will be driving to school (including college students).
  • School buses will be back on the roads, transporting kids to school.
  • Teachers are back to work, meaning more teachers will be on the roads during high-traffic times.

The threat of traffic accidents during this time of year is real enough that Maryland officials are publicly warning local families to look out for road dangers. Specifically, leaders warn drivers to be extremely cautious around schools and around school buses. A traffic law that too many drivers ignore is to not pass school buses when lights are flashing and the stop arm is out.

Car accidents and bus accidents are real risks when school commences, but tragically, so are pedestrian accidents. Of course, education is a priority we all heavily focus on once fall swings around, but child safety must be the consistent top priority in our community. If your safety or the safety of your child was compromised by a negligent driver, find a car accident attorney who will defend your rights.