Maryland Truck Accident Could Have Been Much Worse

Our daily commutes can seem routine, mundane, and downright boring. Regardless of how robotic the drive may seem, though, we all need to take steps to ensure we are operating our vehicles in the safest fashion possible. Although most of us do this successfully, far too often individuals lose their focus, take their eyes off the road, fail to adhere to traffic laws, or drive while intoxicated. This negligent behavior can lead to a serious car accident that leaves individuals severely hurt.

Severe injuries were narrowly avoided in a recent Maryland truck accident. According to a news report, a box truck failed to slow down and stop for slowed traffic on the Beltway, causing it to strike another truck. The truck that was hit then flipped over and landed on two cars. The driver who caused the accident has been charged with negligent driving and other offenses. Fortunately, the victims in this wreck only suffered minor injuries. Victims of truck accidents are not always so lucky, however.

Individuals involved in truck accidents are often left with serious injuries, including broken bones, torn ligaments, and head and neck injuries. Recovering from these injuries can take time and money. For a truck accident victim, money for medical expenses may be hard to come by, especially when they are feeling the effects of lost wages brought on by an inability to work.

This is why those who have been harmed in truck accidents need to consider their legal options. By pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against a truck driver and the truck company, a victim may be able to recover compensation for their damages. Those who succeed on these claims are then able to put their financial concerns aside while they focus on what really matters: their health.

Source: The Washington Post, “Truck crashes into another one, lands on top of two cars and creates major traffic delays on Beltway,” Dana Hedgpeth, Nov. 23, 2016