Bicyclist Killed in Maryland Truck Accident

She didn’t have much of a chance. Once a bicyclist and garbage truck crossed paths, the biker’s life was at great risk. Truck accidents lead to severe injuries and often death. In the recent case of a 60-year-old woman, the trucker who crashed into her caused her fatal injuries.

Reports about the Maryland accident include sources’ theories about what probably happened. Those theories highlight the danger of those on the roads who assume something about others’ intentions on the roads rather than using caution until intentions are clear.

The Anne Arundel police say, “I think the driver thinks that he saw her, and she was gonna wait, I think the cyclist saw him and thought he was going to wait.” Neither party waited. They both continued on their way, decisions that resulted in a fatal crash.

It will be crucial for authorities to verify who had the right of way. If the truck driver was supposed to have been stopped and waited, he could not only face criminal charges for the truck accident; he could also be easily subjected to a personal injury case.

Sources do not indicate whether the cyclist who died in the crash leaves family behind. If so, her loved ones might want to consider discussing their loss with an attorney who has experience handling motor vehicle accident cases involving truck companies.

This fatal incident proves how you can’t be too cautious on the roads. Sure, it is important who has the right of way. Someone’s wrong assumption and/or negligence, however, resulted in the loss of a life that could have been prevented.