Maryland Crash Stats That Should Scare You and Promote Change

In terms of the media and its goal to gain public attention, news stories involving violence and scandal tend to be headline gold. Maryland readers might know, for example, if a murder took place over the weekend, but that knowledge is likely not as valuable on an everyday level as knowing the real dangers on the local roadways.

Maryland traffic safety advocates collaborated to work “Toward Zero Deaths” related to distracted driving. In an effort to try to change driver behavior, the community shares various traffic accident statistics that should not only be front page news, but motivation to strive toward improved traffic safety.

First, did you know that more people died in Maryland traffic accidents in 2013 than those who died because of murder? In that same year, there were about 15,000 more crash injuries in the state than the number of violent crimes reported. These stats alone show that safe driving is probably the biggest community safety concern.

Though the unified message is that drivers need to do better and be safer behind the wheel, there are multiple reasons why car accidents happen in the state. A specific cause of crashes that can be easily avoided is distracted driving. There is no reason why that driver next to you on the roadway should be texting his or her friend a selfie or posting a status update.

Not only is that sort of distraction illegal in Maryland, but it can be fatal. More than 200 people are killed in distracted driving accidents in the state each year. Almost half of all deadly motor vehicle accidents can be connected to driving while distracted.

If those numbers don’t serve as a reality check for drivers, what will? Hopefully, it won’t take you or a loved one getting injured because of someone’s texting while driving for that negligent driver to see a problem with his actions.