Lawsuit Filed in Kim Kardashian Car Accident

Maryland fans of celebrity Kim Kardashian may recall her involvement in a car accident in March 2014. The accident was reportedly minor. Allegedly, a man drove through an intersection despite having his right blinker on. Kardashian hit him while making a left turn. The two exchanged information and no tickets were issued.

Nearly two years later, the driver has filed a lawsuit against Kardashian claiming he suffered injuries in the accident that had left him in pain and unable to work. The suit accuses Kardashian of being a negligent driver.

Although the suit does not name an amount that it is seeking from Kardashian, it says that the man wants compensation for medical expenses, income loss and litigation expenses. A photo of Kardashian’s car following the accident shows that the only damage appears to be a scuffed bumper. Reportedly, Kardashian thought the man was uninjured following the accident.

In a case like this one, it is possible for a person to file a lawsuit against the driver who is responsible even if there have been no criminal charges. If an offer from the driver’s insurance company is insufficient and the case goes to court, the injured plaintiff does not have the same burden of proof that the prosecution would in a criminal case. It is only necessary for the jury or judge to find the defendant negligent by a preponderance of evidence. A personal injury attorney can often assist such an injured victim in preparing and filing a lawsuit that would seek damages for medical expenses, lost wages and other applicable amounts.

Source: Inquisitr, “Kim Kardashian lawsuit: ‘KUWTK’ star sued for involvement in car accident, source reports,” Sandra Johnson, March 1, 2016