Maryland Attorneys Advocating for Car Accident Victims

Last week in this blog we discussed spinal cord injuries that result from car accidents, and just how damaging they can be to an individual’s life. The physical effects alone can be enough to turn an individual’s life upside down. He or she may be unable to work, care for his or her children, cook, clean, and otherwise live what they once considered a normal life. In some cases, these individuals are unable to control their bodily functions or are left paralyzed. As stressful as this can be for car accident victims, they also have to confront the financial realities of their situation.

The financial losses following a spinal cord injury, or any serious injury from a car accident, can be extensive. Medical expenses can be extremely high, and the costs of long-term care can quickly soar into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Making matters worse, these victims are often unable to work and earn a living wage. This can throw a family into further financial disarray. With nowhere else to turn for relief, these individuals may need to consider pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the individual who caused the injuries.

Succeeding on such a claim is no easy feat. Aggressive defense attorneys will pore over the evidence, looking for ways to minimize the victim’s damages and place blame on anyone except the defendant. An accident victim needs to be prepared to push back with statutory and case law, the rules of evidence, and persuasive legal arguments.

At Otway Russo PC, our team of dedicated legal professionals know how challenging it can be to deal with the aftermath of a devastating car accident. This is why we diligently work to develop our clients’ claims to the fullest extent possible under the circumstances. Our attorneys know how to negotiate fair settlements and zealously litigate before judges and juries to ensure our clients’ voices are heard. In the end, we fight for the compensation our clients deserve so they can move past the accident and focus on their health instead of their finances.