Self-Driving Cars ‘Might Be’ Safe; What Do You Think?

When you were growing up and thought about the “future” you might have envisioned cars that fly. Or maybe you pictured cars that drove themselves. Well, cars aren’t flying (yet), but the self-driving car is real.

But, is it a real help or a real traffic safety threat?

Driverless cars are not a fantasy. Some have already navigated the roads in the U.S., and more will be available soon. Before the vehicles become widespread, however, consumers have safety concerns. How do we know that the new transportation option won’t result in new kinds of traffic accidents?

Supporters of the driverless technology view human error as more likely and as more of an actual threat than the computer errors that driverless cars could make. It can be easier to fix computer errors than it is to fix human error — since real drivers can make bad decisions on an individual basis.

Still, manufacturers of self-driving cars are now required to address safety guidelines for the controversial additions to the roadways. They must also put forth basics about how motorists and the general public will become educated about the vehicles as far as their use and sharing the roads with them.

Do you have safety concerns or other worries about self-driving vehicles? How do you see them playing out on roads here in Maryland? Would you want to own and use one?

As the existence of these once hypothetical vehicles proves, the future is now. And when one’s now involves an accident related to a self-driving car, identifying liability might become more complicated. A personal injury lawyer will be an invaluable source of legal advice if you are injured in an accident.