Maryland Lawyers for Victims of Pedestrian and Vehicle Collisions

Daylight savings time has given Maryland residents more light hours to enjoy the warming weather that has arrived with spring. However, many people still choose to drive their vehicles to the destinations that they must visit, others elect to walk where they need to go to enjoy the improving weather conditions. While most of the time pedestrians are able to safely arrive at their destinations, in other situations, some pedestrians are seriously injured, when they are involved in altercations with vehicles.

A vehicle-pedestrian accident can be serious. Due to the size disparities between humans and cars, the speed at which vehicles can travel and the limited amount of protection that pedestrians generally wear on their bodies a collision between a person and a car can be fatal for the walker involved.

When drivers abide by the rules of the road and safely operate their vehicles without distractions, most vehicle-pedestrian accidents can be avoided. However, as readers of this Salisbury vehicle accident legal blog know distractions, like cell phones, GPS devices, food and texting, all take the attention of drivers away from the important task of operating their cars, trucks and SUVs.

A distracted driver may collide with a pedestrian without ever seeing the unfortunate victim in front of them. Pedestrian accidents can leave victims with broken bones, organ and tissue damage and other life-altering pedestrian injuries. In the most tragic cases, a vehicle-pedestrian accident can result in the loss of a loved one.

Litigation cannot undo a vehicle-pedestrian accident, but it can provide a victim with an opportunity to seek the compensation they deserve after suffering at the hands of a negligent driver. The attorneys of the law firm of Otway Russo are available to meet with pedestrian accident victims, and their families to provide legal guidance and support to those who have suffered losses in tragic accidents with vehicles.