Maryland Lawyers for Victims of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen often on Maryland roads and highways. It is almost commonplace for drivers to see other motorists pulled over to the sides of the roads, exchanging information and insurance cards, and calling tow trucks to have their damaged vehicles hauled away for repair. Accidents of these sorts are nuisances and thankfully, often do not result in serious injuries. However, not all vehicle accident victims are this lucky, and some endure significant pain, suffering and harm because of the actions of other drivers.

There are several car accident causes that create much of the harm that leads to many vehicle collisions. For example, simple negligence is often the culprit for a car crash.

Negligence occurs when a person fails to exercise the requisite care for a given situation, and it is not hard to understand how a driver may fail to be fully focused on the task of driving. With distractions like cell phones, music, other passengers, food and personal grooming, all vying for the attention of some drivers, it may surprise some that more accidents do not occur.

Beyond negligence, recklessness can be cause of car accidents. Recklessness occurs when a person disregards the safety of others and conducts themselves in a way that may likely cause others harm. Drivers with road rage and drivers who speed or exhibit other aggressive operating tendencies may be found to have been driving recklessly when they caused vehicle accidents.

Finally, and very unfortunately, drunk driving is a common cause of car collisions. When a driver consumes alcohol and then gets behind the wheel of a car, they may be unable to concentrate on the task of driving. They may suffer from impaired reflexes, an abundance of confidence in their operating skills and other dangerous alcohol-induced symptoms of drinking and driving.

There are other causes of vehicle accidents and the information in this is neither comprehensive nor authoritative. Readers should not rely on it as legal advice, but those who have questions about their possible car accident claims are invited to contact personal injury attorneys in their communities to discuss their potential cases.