Maryland Lawyers For Victims Of Negligent Truckers

A few weeks ago on this blog we discussed the dangers posed by unsecured cargo on semi trucks. While loose cargo can certainly pose a risk of serious accident, so, too, can other issues that affect big rigs and their drivers. Whether fatigue, intoxication, or distraction comes into play, a trucker’s own actions can be perilous for other drivers. An improperly maintained truck can increase the chances of a serious truck accident. The common thread is that negligence by truckers and truck companies can leave innocent individuals with serious injuries. In the worst cases, these unsuspecting motorists are killed.

Those who are fortunate enough to survive a truck accident may still face significant losses. Medical expenses can skyrocket, an inability to work can leave one with lost wages, and disfigurement and pain and suffering can take a massive emotional toll. Although a personal injury lawsuit may provide a victim with much needed compensation, a negligent trucker and the company for which he works will likely have extensive resources to draw from. This means they will probably mount an aggressive defense, seeking to discredit a victim’s claim.

This is why truck accident victims need to ensure that they are putting forth the best claim they can with the evidence at their disposal. That may mean gathering police and medical records, interviewing witnesses and questioning medical and industry experts. The attorneys at Otway Russo PC are skilled at handling these matters, and our legal professionals work to ensure each case receives the individualized attention it deserves.

Developing a legal claim takes time and legal know-how. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping injured clients recover the compensation they deserve.