How to Get Home Safely After a Night of Drinking

In the years 2003 to 2012, 1,716 people in Maryland were killed in car crashes that involved drunk drivers. To say that drunk driving has serious consequences would be an understatement. When you drive drunk, you not only risk getting pulled over—you risk harming yourself or others.

But the good news is you have options. From appointing a designated driver to taking an Uber, here are eight ways to get home without driving drunk.

Appoint a designated driver

Of course, one of the easiest options for driving home safely is to pick a designated driver. It may feel unfair to the person who’s designated, but it’s far better than running the risk of harming yourself or others through drunk driving. And if you get together often, you can take turns being the designated driver.

taxi in traffic

Take a cab or taxi

Thought cabs and taxis were a thing of the past? They’re still around, and you can still hitch a ride home in one after a night of drinking. In fact, there are several Salisbury taxi services to choose from.

Take an Uber

If taxis are too old-fashioned for you, call an Uber! The modern, savvy version of the taxi, Uber services many cities in Maryland.

inside a car

Take a Lyft

Lyft also operates in Maryland, in a number of cities that include Baltimore and Salisbury. Much like Uber, the service operates through an app which you can download on your phone. Then you can call a driver at any time to take you where you need to go.

Use public transportation

Don’t want to spend money on an Uber? Public transportation is a cheaper, albeit less convenient, option. If you’re going out and know you’ll be drinking, leave your car at home and hop on a bus. Or, if possible, leave your car parked at a friend’s house after drinking and catch a bus home.

Use another transportation service

Uber and Lyft aren’t the only companies offering to drive you home safely. Freedom Car is a service that operates only in Maryland, serving Baltimore and the surrounding area. Another option is zTrip, which also operates in the Baltimore area.

inside bus

Call someone to drive your car home

When you need to get your car home but don’t want to drive drunk, there are a number of services you can call. is the largest of these, offering car pickup, personal driving at an hourly rate, and even driver teams for events. In Maryland, services Annapolis and Baltimore.


If all else fails (and you’re not too far away), get home the original way: on your own two feet. Of course, you won’t want to walk alone if it’s dark out, and you’ll need to make sure you know the way home and can walk back safely, staying in well-lit areas and avoiding traffic.

With so many options available, there’s no excuse for driving drunk. If you can, plan ahead of time so you can drive home safely (or be driven home safely) after drinking. If you can’t plan ahead, you still have plenty of options. Just remember that it’s better to drink responsibly than risk getting a ticket—or something worse.