Why it is Important to Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan After an Accident

Being injured in an accident can be a difficult and traumatic experience. Experienced attorneys can and will help ease some of the stresses associated with the accident; however, a large part of ensuring your case goes smoothly starts with you following your doctor’s medical advice from the beginning through the time your doctor releases you from treatment. Failing to follow your doctor’s treatment plan can not only cause further injury to your health but also harm the outcome of your case.

Following Your Doctor’s Orders

Nothing is more important than your well-being. Therefore, the most important thing is to get back to feeling normal or as close to normal as possible. If you were injured in an accident, the best way to ensure a full recovery is to follow your doctor’s advice. If your treatment plan includes working with a physical therapist and follow-up appointments to check on your progress, it is critical that you stick with it, even if some days you feel fine or feel like you cannot continue to financially afford the treatment. If you stop following your doctor’s treatment plan, your injuries may worsen, resulting in long-term health complications.

Moreover, if your injuries worsen or you do not recover to the extent expected because you chose not to follow your doctor’s advice, this can hurt your personal injury claim and make it more difficult to recover for your injuries. If you lack consistent medical records documenting your injuries and the impact they had on your life, proving your claim in court will become far more onerous. Gaps in your treatment may suggest that your injuries were not as severe as you claim them to be. Insurance companies / the defense attorneys may argue that there was an intervening injury during the gap in treatment which caused the current pain, rather than the accident. Additionally, the insurance companies / defense attorneys may argue that you are not eligible for compensation for future medical costs since your injury would not be as significant if you had listened to your doctor’s medical advice and followed through with the treatment plan.

Your health is important and following your doctor’s advice can protect not only your overall physical well-being, but the success of your case as well, so stay the course with your treatment plan.

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